Why I Want To Move To The Texas Hill Country

I know this makes me sound paranoid, but I feel like I need to be living on a 100 acres +- of Hill Country Land with a defendable position hill to build a home on – having at least one side with a great view. 

It might not happen in my lifetime, but I see the day when everything crumbles. Maybe it’s the power grid that is taken down. Maybe its an EMF attack. Maybe its a far more deadly Pandemic than what we growing through now. Maybe the USD crashes like the Peso did in the 80s – or Greece, Italy and Spain’s recently did. Maybe a Nuclear attack or a dirty bomb in the city close to me. 

I’ve watched the rioting going on last year and the crazy logic and Double Standards of Liberals. It ain’t getting better!  There is a class of people that act like violent animals at any excuse the chose. Can you imagine when they really have one – like no money and hunger? Everyday the white heterosexual Christian man becomes more hated because of Liberal Scape Goating. 

I want to be able to have a fenced in garden and wildlife for food. I want to be able to have a safe place for my 5 kids, 8 grandkids, and other family members to come to, if the country goes Apocolipse. 

Again, I’m sure most people are shaking their heads and mumbling how crazy I must be. I’m not talking about going full Unibomber Hermit off the grid – but to just kick up safety a notch or two – because I can. Until this Apocolipse occurs, I want all of the luxury my life can afford. I want highspeed Internet – at least a great 5g signal. I want to be 30 minutes away from a large grocery store and a legitimate Emergency Hospital. However, I just want be able for my family to be safe and be able to eat when the shit hits the fan.

Anyway, here are the specifications for the property I want to buy

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