Biggest Recent Disappointment

Any true conservative knows that Facebook is an Anti-American company, who is run be Anti-American people. Their single goal is to collect data on it’s members to sell it, and to be the “Thought Police” on right and wrong – in the Liberal Mind. Too few read 1984 as a kid, Atlas Shrugged as an adult, and/or saw V is For Vendetta in 2005.

However, my disappointment isn’t Facebook, because they are doing what you’d expect anti-American to do. My great disappointment is my Family and friends don’t care what Facebook does – and fully supports it’s growth with their patronage. These same people begged for a Social Media company that was Pro-American with the same features as Facebook – but when it arrived – they were too far hooked on Facebook to care about their principles. Sadly, because the world has a leaders:followers ratio at 500:1, this is causing a Mexican Stand-off. Each won’t leave until the others do so first – so none will leave and they all make Facebook stronger. Facebook will be able to throw more elections and limit more speech to only what Facebook will find acceptable. Facebook grows stronger and America grows weaker from the Apathy of spoiled Americans who refuse to lead and stand up for the principles they claim to have. They’re so hooked on Facebook, that won’t lead the followers to a Social Media Group they’d begged for.

I personally left Facebook for on January 20th, and not looked back. Facebook trolls were passing a rumor for less than a week, where they lied that Mewe was was also a Liberal company – no different from Facebook. Too many found this complete lie a very convenient excuse to not leave Fascistbook, despite it proven to have been a Fake News Lie from Facebook, that lasted maybe three days. Trust me, no one can push the envelope of what pisses off Liberals more than me – and I’ve never had post “Fact Check” or deleted. I’m sure I now have 1,000 of those posts which Fakebook would had me thrown off forever.

Yes, I’m frustrated, disappointed – and even disgusted – that so many have so little spine. They knowingly help a company who is playing an active part in turning America into a Fascist Socialist Banana Republic. They see that Politicians and Big Tech are moving to rule Americans with an Iron Fist – but gotta have that Facebook! I’ve seen a higher percentage of addicts and alcoholics with enough spine to get of drugs and booze, than I see Facebook addicts.

I deleted two of my Fascistbook accounts, but left one active. I’ll not post directly to it, post to any groups, or answer any message on the account I didn’t delete – but will begin to use it to link to external (to Fascistbook) sites working against Fascistbook — until they delete my account.

If you are reading my little blog here at – and you’re on Fakebook – I beg you to think about the agenda Fascistbook pushes. If that goes against your principles, stand up and be a leader by living up to your principles instead of being a Facebook whore selling giving away your principles.

I’m Dave “the Old Hippie” Schultz at, and I invite likeminded people who live up to their principles to be my contact. Like Facebook, they have a group for every interest. The Difference is that is for Leaders and Fascistbook is for Liberals, Snowflakes, and followers too apathetic to live up to the principle or not supporting those destroying their country. That makes them 500 Xs smaller – until enough leaders have the folders to follow them.

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