The Question Many Have Been Asking is:

Will the Military ever be called on to defend the government against citizens with deadly force?

Its not the same military I served in 72-76.

I would have normally said “No” without hesitation for the last 50 years.

However, with DC now looking like Berlin in 1946, I wonder. It’s not just a Tyrannical Federal Government with it’s corrupt politicians and their Deep State 3-lettered departments so willing to call 26,000 troops into a city that worries me. It’s also what Liberals have done to the military, which really concerns me.

My youngest son is a Ssgt in the Air Force, and trust me, its not the same military I served back in 72-76.

Clinton, Obama and now Biden has turn the GIs into a social experiment. First it was “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell”, then it was openly gays, then it was transgenders and cross-dressers, and now Biden has issued a 60 day stand down to have the “Thought Police” scan for Domestic Terrorists (Republicans).

When I was serving, the military was a machine – a fighting machine. It’s single purpose was to defend the USA by killing the Enemy. Each GI was a perfectly functioning Cog in that machine. If one Cog was defective – the machine broke down. In basic training you had your head shaved and was issued three sets of bright green fatigues – so y’all looked alike. You were what was called “A little Green Weenie” until that color faded from 100s of washes. Over the next few weeks in basic training you were broken down to act alike, and with precision. If you couldn’t conform, you were thrown out as “Unadaptable To Military Way of Life” and forever stained as a loser. Many blacks who have been taught that Whitey is bad also now serve. Today’s GIs have a personal agenda (BLM, Sexual preference, being shamed for being a white/Christian/Heterosexual Male) and that is what drives them more that being a precision Cog.

Obama turn the DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS, NSA, DHS into the Liberal Deep State, and Biden is both fortifying that and going after the Military to do the same. Their mission is slowly evolving from Protect the USA to Protect the Federal Deep State. Like the leadership in career Federal Government Agencies, most only the Liberals are the ones to have risen to General and Admiral since Obama. Now GIs are being scrubbed even further to weed out the few precision Cogs who were still willing to serve in this Liberal Social Experiment. No it’s not you Father’s military anymore, so I’m not so sure that the majority of today’s troops would refuse to participate in doing the Deep State’s will.

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