Can You Imagine Texas Without Power?

Update. We were without power for 13 hours this last rotation. It just now came on again, but who knows for how long. The temperature was 29 degrees in the house (11 outside) and all pipes are frozen. I have the water turned on as the heat gets house back up to temperature there’s a little trickling. I’m hoping there are no burst pipes in the walls that will show their ugly head. While my wife was able to sleep, I was not able to do so as I need a CPAP – so I sat in the dark silence all night again. I will be ordering a backup battery for my cpap. No Internet since Sunday afternoon so I’m dongling off my cellphone. The rest of the world is also doing this, so between 1 bar and overloaded cell service – it is painfully slow.
Texas is being pushed by the Feds to use less natural gas and over 25% of our power was converted to Wind and Solar. They’re all down from being frozen. They’re trying to bring some of the Natural Gas plants back on line – but there’s not enough natural gas available because the refineries are frozen. All of the states who we’ve helped in the past on their power grid – are waving the Middle finger at Texas and refusing power to our grid.
To rub salt in the wound, the 1st commercial I saw on Fox Business when I got TV back – was touting the great advantages of wind power. Then the first Interview was of a CEO of a new electric car company saying that we need a 900 volt fast charging station networks set up for electric cars. Hell, we can’t supply power to 110 volt homes!
It’s a good thing I’m an old man. You young people are fucked with Liberal fools pushing the unreliable and expensive Green Lie, Being Woke, and thinking that paying fools $15 an hour won’t make skilled demand more money to pay for the $10 Whataburgers, which in turn makes the price of everything skyrocket. No one ever thinks this out.

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