Looking For Texas Hill Country Land

I’m maybe looking for the Impossible.

I would like 75-150 Texas Hill County acres with the following:

  • 1. A hill suitable for a homesite with an Epic view on at least 1 side
  • 2. Roads up to property accessible with 45′ motorhome pulling a 35′ stacker trailer (I’m a drag racer with 80′ rig so I need to be able to make tight turns)
  • 3. Electricity close enough to not cost a fortune to bring to property
  • 4. High speed Internet (cable, fiber, fast DSL or at least 5G reception)
  • 5. Good cellular reception
  • 6. Prefer a small lake or River access – but not a deal killer
  • 7. Less than 30 minutes to newer Supermarket8. Less than 30 minutes from a highly rated emergency room9. Not subject to flooding

Basically, I’m looking to retire off the bus routes of the Race Rioters we’re heading towards; and where I can work towards off the grid backup power, have emergency meat running on the property, and have vegetable greenhouse. This country is begging for trouble with its Liberal and woke policies – and I need to look out for my family. Cash buyer.


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