DaveSchultz.com Has Changed

Back in the 90s I wanted to learn how to build websites, so I created a website called Maniacal Ravings to be the Guinea Pig. I started hand coding HTML, then went to a Portal and php, and then used Front Page. About 10 years ago I started using WordPress, and it itself has changed everything many times since I’d started using. I’ve had maybe 3 minor ‘look & feel’ changes in the last ten years, but today I bit the bullet to learn many of the new features in 5.7.

I now have a site in more of a Newspaper or Magazine layout style for my Maniacal Ravings. Although the Cowboy banner was a quick & dirty placeholder for a future graphic, I pretty happy with the format so far. I have a few little ideas to incorporate, but that’s for when I return from the race.

The thing I like most about WordPress is that the context is stored in a database (instead of a file like the old days) so it stays the same, while you design a way to present it to your visitor. So, there is literally 20 years of posts in there. If you want to see what was going through my mind during Clinton, Bush or Obama eras – search those words for all the posts I made back then. There 210 pages of 25 posts per page – so over 4,500 posts of what was once current events. I’ve been a drag racer during that time – so if you were interested in news say from the Dave Duell Classics – you enter Dave Duell in the search – and baddabing baddaboom you see all of the posts and their photos. Give it a shot.

Before there was a blog, everything was page orientated. The page links in the right sidebar will mostly be the older posts – but are pretty good snapshots in time.

So roll me a bone and check out my web site – as there are going to be fewer than are older. I got into this right after Al Gore invented the Interweb. If you see a post you want to share, there are Social links under the post to post on Fascistbook, Twatter, Mewe, Text a friend (SMS) or email your Mom.

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