Heading To Bradenton

First race of the year for me.

This last week has been the week from Hell, trying to get ready for the Bradenton, FL race. Some of the highlights include:

  • Texan Hyundai bent me over on my 2 month old $60K Palisade Limited, by wanting $1490 for an air condenser leak the size of a pin hole. They say that a rock must have hit it. I only have 2000 miles on the car and 900 was the trip home from the dealer. The rest are 200 mile round trips on the Interstate to the lake. I’ve driven the car less than ten times and noticed it not blowing cold the week after the freeze – but I was at the lake. It’s been a cold winter in Texas, so for all I know there was a slow leak in it when I got the car. I’ve bought over $200K in 5 Hyundai’s and this has me real pissed. I’ll be blowing up the Internet soon on Texan Hyundai as soon as I have time. It will be strictly facts — because they’re appalling on their own merit.
  • Speaking of freeze, you still can’t buy 1/2″ copper pipe, fittings, solder or Flux in Texas. I wasted days trying to fix all of the leaks individually with 2′ piece and fittings I got on Amazon – but its been too frustrating – especially since I was way behind getting ready for this race. The freeze really screwed me. I’ll buy some pipe in Florida and bring back and replace the whole 10′ worth.
  • Nothing has gone right with getting the Thug ready. Finally got transmission in the second time – after it had to come out because the convertor I had rebuilt has a crooked threadsert in it – and the old one had to go back in. Then while trying to deal with put matching header bolts in (it had a mixture of 3/8 and 5/16 wrench heads) – I broke a threadchaser in the head. Don’t ask – I don’t want to talk about it.

I wanted to bring the Thug as a backup, as I’ve had a few issues with wagon. Since that’s out – I loaded the Petty Tribute car on the Lift. At least I’ll have a street car at the track. That’s what the car was built for anyway. I need the wagon to stay together.

So there are three 60’s in my trailer. Two 1960 Plymouths and a 1960 Cushman Sharknose. All heavily modified. The Golf cart pulls the best wheelie if the three.

Nice thumb in the shot!

The plan is to leave the shop at noon tomorrow (Sunday), get to Stennis NASA for the night. Get to Bradenton late Monday night and hang in staging until Tuesday Morning

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