Cleaning The Gene Pool

What the Liberal Media won’t tell you, is this 13-year-old hood rat was with a 21-year-old with felony warrants at 1am, and they were both shooting at passing cars. When confronted by the Police, he turned towards the cop with a pistol in his hand. It is claimed that he was throwing the pistol in the weeds. However put yourself in the cop’s shoes: Your a cop at 1AM responding to a call that two black men were shooting at cars. Your heart is racing from chasing one of them down. Then he stops and turns toward you with a gun in his hand. You have 1/10 of a second to make the right decision.

Why are we blaming the Cops, and not the culture of having armed 13-year-olds out at 1am shooting at cars? I know it is sad to say, but the gene pool got a little cleaner with his removal, even by accident. Has this punk killed, and would he kill in the future? His future was not looking like it was going to turn around, and chances are pretty high that he would have hurt and/or killed many innocent people in the future. No one would shed a tear for them – or loot a Dollar General in their memory. Why don’t we instead morn the innocent black kids shot every day in Chicago by Drive-By Thugs? Why don’t we morn the old black lady who gets her head crack open for the $15 in her purse?

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