Everything you do us watched and recorded

It’s not just Facebook, Amazon and Google – but the Federal Government as the NSA watching, listen and recording. Your local government has cameras recording you. Tool booths are mapping your travel. Google records and saves all of your searches and sites visited. Credit Card companies record and save all of your purchases and banks all of your debits and credits. Credit reporting companies record and save all of your open and closed accounts – with their balances and payments. If you don’t think all of this information isn’t being sucked into the NSA (along with your county’s tax records, state licensing and tax records, and The IRS’s tax records) correlated with the excuse of looking for terrorism, and if you don’t think that the FBI and CIA has total backdoor access to all of this – you’re a sucker. If you don’t think that China, Russia and others aren’t trying to (if they haven’t already) gain access – you’re too stupid to vote.

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