Freestyle Business Mentoring

My name is Dave Schultz. In 1990, I started a company from scratch (No Employees – No Customers) with a $75K investment. It was profitable within the first 12 months, later earning an annual profit before taxes in the 7 digits. In June 1998, I sold this company, which employed over 100, for a little over $16 Million. Prior to that, I was an Executive Vice President to two Private Corporations, which under my leadership I took from a handful of employees and losing money to being extremely profitable and employing over 200.

Since, I’ve created (and sold at a profit) three other businesses, which first provided me with a very nice income. For the last few years I’ve been semi-retired and reliving my childhood by drag racing at a National Level. A little over a year ago, I with my 33-year-old son, bought an undeveloped territory of a Franchise – with I putting up the money, setting up the business, and mentoring my son – while he provides the sweat equity. We’ve set new revenue records for our franchise in each of the last three months – despite most of the country being shut down. We’ve done this because we didn’t throw in the towel and freakout, but because we adjusted our strategies and told ourselves that failure was not an option.

I did quite a bit of business mentoring of young businesses and businessmen a few years back – but stopped taking on new Mentees because of my racing schedule. Racing has taken a back seat lately, and I’m ready to take on two select business entrepreneurs to help make and keep their business a success. I starts with one 8-hour visit where we discuss your business and what you’re doing in specific areas. Since all businesses are different, we do this “Free-style”, focusing most attention on the areas of your business that are not structured as well as they could be.

Afterwards, if you wish, I can give you unlimited reasonable phone access to discuss how I would handle any business situation you find yourself in – for a monthly fee.

While I’m strictly an Empire Building Entrepreneur – and neither an attorney or CPA – I believe I have strong knowledge, experience, and or a network of contacts, in the following areas.

*New Business Setup
*Accounting Software
*Computer Systems
*Web Design
*Employee advancement
*Rents & Leases
*Health Insurance
*Employee Benefits
*Customer Support
*Preparing a business to sell
*Mergers and acquisitions
*Virtually all other aspects of starting, growing, and taking businesses to the next level

All of the above is experienced gained through ownership of many businesses. I’m in a position to share that knowledge with only two more smart people.

If you got to here, you’re wondering how this works and how much it costs.

In the past, we would have a 15 minute phone conversation discussing you and your business. At the end of the conversation both of us would know if we were right for each other, or need to move on. Assuming we were right for each other, I was either sent a 1st Class Plane ticket and hotel reservation to come to you, or you’d fly down to Houston to see me – and we’d spend the day together diving into your business.

However, technology has made it easier to be more efficient with our (travel) time and money – with Virtual Meetings. We still need to have a 15 minute (free and no obligation) phone conversation to see if we’re a good fit, and if we are, we can schedule an eight hour or two 4 hour virtual meetings.

The cost? The one day of mentoring is only $2000. Think about that. You get specialized to you one-on-on mentoring for less than attending a seminar of canned presentations. Frankly the money doesn’t make much of a difference in my life, but I’ve set it low enough to ensure the two Mentees I select have skin in the game to prove their seriousness, and are not dreamers. Afterward, if you wish to have unlimited (but reasonable) telephone access to me – it is $500 a month for month-to-month as long as we both feel it is helpful. In the past, I was turning down $5000 plus expenses for the 8 hours and $1000 month thereafter. As I said before, I’m not doing this for the money, but for the self-gratification of helping another pair of entrepreneurs become a great financial successes. That said, like John Galt (look him up if you don’t know who he is), I never work free. I can help you and your business only if you are truly an entrepreneur willing to listen and pay attention. Maybe we are the match.

If interested, send me an email telling me about yourself and your business, and we’ll schedule a 15 minute conversation.

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