is For Sale

The domain name is for sale, along with the existing website and a year of hosting on a premium server. 

This site was set up by a Texan who wishes to see Texas to break away from those from San Francisco, New York City and Chicago – who are governing us in a manner objectionable to Texans. A lot of time and effort went into setting up this site to encourage other Texans to consider what a Free Texas would mean to them.

The Idea is to post positive news and articles regarding Texas and Texans, and to bring to light the oppessive governance coming from Washington DC. 

There are many ways to monetize the site, however I just do not have the time to do Justice to the site.

It is a premium domain name of great value, and a person or group of persons could really do the cause justice. I will help the new owners transition with what is needed for them to take it in the direction they’ve chosen.

More information at This Domain For Sale – Free Texans

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