I’ve Lived Through Eight Decades – So Far

I’ve lived in 8 decades so far. Each were a little crazy. However, 2020 decade will go down in history books for when the Left destroyed the U S and the Spineless Right did nothing to stop it. History will record that:

  • They accepted Election Fraud.
  • They accepted bankrupting the economy.
  • They accepted restocking the country with Liberal Moochers.
  • They accepted terrorists pouring through the border and setting up operations in virtually every town in America.
  • They accepted turning the military into a Social Experiment and the purging of anyone known to have voted for Trump.
  • They accepted a corrupt and lying media and social networks.
  • They accepted a FBI and Department of Justice turning into a Gestapo jailing political enemies of the Deep State.
  • They accepted simple trespassing as an Insurrection, but burning down cities as peaceful protests.
  • They accepted a braindead puppet of the Deep State as their President and a giggling, lying whore as one pulling the strings.
  • They accepted the IRS having instantaneous access to to their bank accounts.
  • They accepted wokeness and all Crackers classified as racist and evil.
  • They accepted Drag Queens teaching their children and grandchildren.
  • They accepted the increase of sexual identities from two to dozens.
  • They accepted paying people far more not to work, than to work.
  • They accepted virtually all forms of sexual depravity as normal.

Hell, were only 1.4 years into the decade. The worst is yet to come if they continue to be spineless and let Liberals railroad the country and culture to ruination.

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