Lord Fauci’s Agenda – Self Preservation

Do not forget that it was Lord Fauci who convinced Obama to send China millions of US Dollars to weaponize a Bat Virus to be both deadly and highly contagious.

Anything this man (and the government he represents as the highest paid government employee) says is a lie for their many goals – like bigger and a more tyrannical government.

Right now, his personal #1 goal is to coverup his involvement; keep his job; and stay out of prison for the crime of weaponizing a virus. He is responsible for killing millions of people (SO FAR!) and ruining the World’s economies with a virus that will never go away – and will continue to mutate until the end of time on Earth. It is a weapon that has changed the world – and no one knows for sure our future with it and the vaccines pushed to slow it down.

No one really knows the future – but we can pay attention to the facts of who/how we got here and the responses of various people and entities for their different goals.

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