Screamin’ Woody Update

If you’ve been following along, the Sceamin’ Woody stopped running the number back in June. About 2/10 slower than it was. Over the next couple of races, we focused on the carbs and jetting, before finally figuring out in Nowark that it had a dead hole. I’d brought it and the Texas Thug on a four race in five weeks trip, that ended in Indy.

On the way back to Texas from Indy, I dropped the car off at my bestest racin’ bud Doug Duell’s car dealership in Evansville. IN. He got the car over to Matt Wright’s shop, when he had room for it. There, they pulled the motor and transmission.

The transmission went with three of Doug’s to Rick Allison’s A&A Transmission for a freshen up. Matt had made my headers (no such thing as store bought 2.25″ for a 60 Plymouth) about 6 years ago, but they’re in rough shape (despite a blast and recoat last year). I have everything needed for a set or Stainless Steel to be made – but Matt doesn’t have time this year. He did however fabricate the worst of the eight tubes to get me through 2022.

The engine was taken to Jeff Taylor Performance, which a couple of Doug’s engines to have him get me fixed up with a motor that will hopefully be faster, yet more dependable. I’d sure like for it to get me through the next two years of racing.

I’d had rocker problems on the Wagon all year, which I blame on Indy, back in the days of Russ. They had rebuilt this motor a few years back – even though I didn’t install it until 2020. It had TD 1.55 ratio rockers on 572-13 heads when I dropped off – and they wanted to change to 1.65 ratio. I said fine – but don’t use Jessel, which I had nothing but trouble with on 572 heads. Despite me telling them to use TD Machine – they put Jessel on with Comp pushrods . The geometry absolutely sucked and couldn’t be fixed with different size push Rods. It was a little better with lash caps (which I hate) but the Indy valve covers had to be clearanced. I had nothing but trouble rockers with slipping off push Rods. I finally changed to TD Machine and Smith Bros pushrods in early June – but it was too late and number 7 (the Rocker most often jumping off the pushrod) was a dead hole – most likely because of a bent intake valve. I’m sure it is no coincidence that’s the header tube that most needed replacement.

The car now sits Doug The Thug’s Gentleman’s Club and Race Emporium, waiting to get put back together. Matt has found a few suspension issues needing to be attended to – and will handle that too.

I’d taken the Vacuum pump off the car to make it easier to turn the crank to set valve lash – based on the suggestions of Bruce Lang and Brent Wheeler. However, Jeff Taylor sets the cylinder hone and rings to require a good vacuum pump.

This week I replaced the center bolt hole’s galled threads with a helicoil, chased the bolt; painted the end cap, pulley and extension; and polished my 10-year-old Aerospace Components vacuum pump. It’s now on its way to Jeff Taylor Performance.

I’m hoping to pick up the car in late January or early February so I can make it ready to race in Florida the first week of March

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