Biden’s Ministry of Truth

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has created a Ministry of Truth department within it. They reserve the right to shut down any Internet site, without a trial or due process, if they in their own opinion decide that “Misinformation” is on the site. Jos. Stalin or Adolph Hitler wouldn’t have had balls that big.

Who is in charge of this Ministry of Truth? Nina Jankowicz. Look her up! She (and I use that Pronoun lightly as she most likely has a bigger talliwagger than Big Mike Obama) is the biggest misinformation hack in America.

You can expect your site to be vaporized if you discuss:

  • Hunter Biden’s Laptop
  • Election Fraud
  • The “Big Guy”
  • CRT training
  • The border not being secure
  • Gas Prices are rising
  • Hillary’s email server
  • The Deep State
  • Illegals being bussed all over the country
  • The FBI uses double standards with Conservatives vs. Liberals
  • Race baiting and BLM
  • The Hillary Campaign created and financed the Trump dossier

The following will be deemed as truths

  • Florida passed an anti-gay law
  • Putin caused inflation
  • Trump handed Biden a border disaster
  • Jan 6th insurrection
  • Biden was a truck driver & college professor
  • The borders are secure
  • Russia, Russia, Russia
  • Corn Pop being a bad dude

Obviously, this site one of many of the sites that will be shut down if they get away with it. I’m already on the Terrorist Watch list because of being a Vietnam Era Veteran, (thanks Janet Napolitano) and various anti-Liberal web sites I run.

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