Supply Chain Issues Will Get Much Worse

Supply Chain issues. We all are waiting on something that’s been backordered for months. I can’t start building my new house because much of what needed is in short supply. As a racer, my race car is dead in the water since October because of pistons, which need billet slugs of 4.60″. I had 29″ Mickey Thompson front tires on order since September cancelled last month – and won’t be able to get 33 10.5w slicks because M/T is focused on more popular sizes. I have a shifter on back order because of lack of parts to assemble.

Well it’s about to get worse. We are totally dependent on China for everything from car parts, to medicines, clothing, light bulbs, to water faucets, to processed meat, to fish, to components to just about everything being assembled. The USA put all of it’s eggs in the basket of our greatest enemy, and their main port (the largest port in the world) in Shandhi has been locked down for weeks. The below map shows the container ships, fuel tankers, fishing trollers and other ships that are dead in the water outside of the port. Nothing is going in or out of China. We will be feeling this real hard starting in a few weeks. When will business learn to diversify its supply chain?

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