Stalin in Hell, Laughing at Us!

Are you someone who still doesn’t see that Teachers are brainwashing your kids to be Liberals?

In the 30s, Stalin brilliantly sent spies who spoke perfect English without a foreign accent) to the USA, through Canada. Canada was at that time begging for people to immigrate to Canada. They had a poor record system for Immigration, School and other “Official Records”. Anyway, these Soviet spies infiltrated three types of colleges. The first was law schools, as lawyers become Democrat Politicians. The second was Journalism schools – as they would go into the Movie Industry, Radio, and Newspapers/Magazines. Those three industries had everyone’s attention for many hours a week. The third group of colleges that Stalin targeted was the Teacher’s Colleges. Teachers would have the minds of those in the most formative years for 12 to 16 years. Today’s teachers don’t even know that they’re the 4th generation of Stalin’s Plan to turn the US Communist. Keep your head in the sand and vote Democrat.

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