Worst Spending Bill in History of USA

  1. A billion dollars to IRS to hire 80,000 new agents for a bigger Deep State. They won’t be Capitalists. They’ll all be Woke Liberal Hacks. With that comes increased IRS regulations where every nickel you spend and every penny you receive is going to be their business. Requirements for businesses to snitch on their customers will be an over burden – and the cost passed on to you.
  2. Higher Income Tax. 60% of you don’t pay taxes and will gladly vote Democrat to have others carry your load. The rest of us Producers will be financing you Moochers. I had “Gone Galt” (look it up) in ’98, and expect to see more Producers to throw in the towel and Go Galt. These taxes don’t go into effect until next year, so you don’t feel before next election – and will forget about before 2024.
  3. Higher Corporate taxes, fewer deductions for Research & Development and Depreciation; and a minimum tax rate. No R&D hands all innovation over to China. Minimum tax will be passed in and increase inflation all the more. The two exceptions are if you invest in the Democrat’s largest payer of Graft – the Green Energy Industry or you are a big Democrat donor Chip industry, who gets hundreds of billions. They pick the winners and losers based on graft to campaigns and family bagmen.
  4. Useless Pork for every Democrat state.
  5. More money for our foreign enemies.
  6. Bigger Federal agencies. More Deep State career upper management for Liberal college professors and Socialist relatives of Democrat Politicians.
  7. They say 100s of Billions for shovel ready infrastructure. Remember how that money was squandered under Obama and moved into money for illegals and cash for clunkers?
  8. Stuff deeply imbedded to where we don’t understand yet.

Currently, every man, woman and child (even in the 60% families paying no taxes) owes $235,000 towards the deficit. That’s over a half million each for each member in a taxpayer family,

What does it take for you to care enough to pull your head out of your ass to be vocal over or increasingly faster loss of Liberty?

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