Would You Enlist?

Would you want to enlist in a military that forced you to get experimental vaccines with a high death rate for young men for a virus that doesn’t hurt young men? Would you enlist in a military that not only financed Drag Shows for entertainment – but welcomes transgenders to serve in your foxhole? Would you enlist in a military that spends more time training you that white people are evil, that you are trained on the gun range?

I happily enlisted 50 years ago, during wartime, but I wouldn’t enlist in the military that Obama remolded after firing good Generals and installing woke Generals like Miley?

When I enlisted in 1972, our heads were shaved to look alike, we were given green fatigues to look alike, and we were broken down and retrained to act alike. We were told the military was one big killing machine, and each of us were a small cog in that machine. If one cog fails – the whole machine could fail. We were selected and train to be similar because distractions to cogs was like dirt and rust.

Now the military is nothing but a distraction from Liberal social experiments. Liberals don’t have the balls to serve in the military – but that doesn’t stop them from hating it and trying to destroy it.

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