Taxpayer Funded NGOs Provide Social Media With Ban Lists

The House’s hearing on government control of the Social Media sites was last week. One of the people testifying was 30-year Veteran Reporter by the name of Matt Taibbi, who typically is a Leftist. He gained access to the emails of the Twitter Executives proving that there are many taxpayer funded NGOs (civilian contractors for the government) who’s sole job is to scan Social Media for people fighting the Deep State Narrative. Daily they submit huge lists of people and posts they want removed, suspended, banned, shadow banned or otherwise stifled.

Some of these emails are posted on Matt’s account on Twitter @mtaibbi. Check it out.

Know someone who is in constant trouble at Facebook? It’s because billions are being spent having thousands of people to look for people dissing Brandon, Hunter, Hillary, The FBI, Fauci, China or anything else the Deep State would not want you to mention.


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