Wagon’s Rewiring is About 90% Done

A little photo drop of where I’m at.

This is the updated diagram. I’m going to power the line lock withe the delay circuit
The starter relay was eliminated and so I need to have a momentary switch for rolling the engine.
I had to mount a little off center as the engine is close to the firewall and I have to not make engine pulls harder.
No one ever sits in the Passenger seat, so I set it all up for ease off kneeling outside the door to replace the ignition box. It’s a race car and not a show car. It would be nice to hide all of it, but I’m an old man who doesn’t contort around a roll cage very well anymore. Ease over Esthetics.
The kit was about 5′ too short on the 10-gauge power from starter to circuit board. I had to stop and run to Lowes. They had 12 and 8, but no 10-gauge. I bought 30′ of 8 and headed to O’Reilly, hoping they were still open. They were and had 8′ of red 10-gauge.

What I have left is to run two 12V (actually 16v as I run two 16v batteries and no alternator) wires and a Solenoid wire across the front of the car and down to the starter, connect and wrap. Then I’ll wire the line-lock, sort out the gauges and give each circuit a smoke test. Also, I still have to mount safety harness – including drilling holes; and drill screw holes, paint edges and install back Lexan.

I have to load up Monday after sorting out a few issues with the stacker. This Covid thing putting me in bed for 5 days and too sick to work for another 4 set me back a lot. We leave for the Florida race Tuesday morning to get there Wednesday night.

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