Fixing Woke

Big American Business is falling all over itself pushing its Anti-White and Anti-Christian Agenda. Unless you just returned from a month of shooting Nakid & Afeared on a deserted Island, Budweiser had been pushing this Transgender shit on their customers.

There’s been a call for a ban on Bud, however that is not going to work because Bud owns most of the big brands, and just you couldn’t get a long term boycott of Facebook or the NFL for their Anti-American actions, too few boycott all of the brands owned by Bud.

There is however a way to get your message across to business, that if you go Woke – you will pay for it. Forget all of the other brands owned by Bud – but kill Bud Light. That is not too hard to do, it’s one beer of thousands. If Bud Light becomes a beer that disappears, it will be historically taught in the textbooks of business classes of the future. This technically will not hurt a behemoth the size of Bud, but the focus of killing one brand will not go unnoticed to others of what can happen.

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