I’m Not as Unlucky as Many Think

I have had more than a couple of people telling my luck sucks. While I certainly feel that way sometimes, Bill Hugill said it best. I don’t spend time in a Rocking chair – and put myself in situations where I will see more calamities. I don’t believe in an after life and when my end comes, I don’t want to have too many regrets of not doing all all could. I try to not under achieve in life.

I’m actually very lucky. I have a good wife. I have five healthy kids and ten healthy grandkids. My 88-old mother is still kicking and knows more about current events than 99% of Americans. I had an interesting business career. I had an interesting childhood. I’m proud that I enlisted at 17 during Vietnam. We should have enough savings to live out out lives in relative comfort. I typically handle stress well. I typically handle adversary on an even keel.

I had my only two racing wrecks in 50 years back to back – but I was not severely injured in either – which could have been a disaster for a 68-year-old body. One car almost rolled two different (once before and once after hitting the wall) – but didn’t. The other wreck turned me around at over 100mph but I didn’t roll, cross lanes or go over the wall. It did take 50 years for either to happen, and frankly its in my head a little at the moment as I don’t want to wreck the wagon. One wreck I had no control over, and the second was as much driver’s error as it was a brake failure. It took both to happen.

I was a successful businessman in my earlier life. I dealt with problems and put out fires all day long. I don’t let any moss grow on me, so while it looks like I have a lot of problems – and I do – I am living a life with a little more than the average gusto and should expect a percentage to go wrong.

Just like Blackjack, life is a game of streaks. Sometimes I have great streaks, and sometimes not so great. The more you try to do, the more often you see the good and bad streaks.

I have gotten my money’s worth out of Life. I’ve beaten the shit out of my body to where I hurt 24/7 – but there are some pretty wild memories behind each of the bones I’ve broke. I would prefer less frequent reminders of those memories, but that’s life. I’m trying to live without regrets. I report the news as Family and Fiends updates – and not trolling for sympathy.

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