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10-Second Demon For Sale

1972 Dodge Demon Race Car

Proven Winner


Rare Body Style

1972 Dodge Demon with Championship blood. Car is turnkey and capable of 10.6 in the quarter mile. Spent its entire life as a race car (still has original Inspection sticker from 1972) — but could easily be restored to show condition — or to a True Street race car.

The car is so clean that you can eat off the bottom of it. All quality parts from the top shelf.

Zmax 2009





Zmax 2009


Component By
Paint Ramiro
Motor Assembly Diamondback Engines
Motor Displacement 408 (stroked 360)
Heads CNC Ported Indy 360 
Crank Eagle Forged
Pistons Probe
Roller Rockers Indy
Piston Rods Eagle H-Beams
Cam Bullet Custom Grind
Intake  Indy
Carburetor Diamondback 850CFM 
Headers Hooker Super Competition 5115-1HKR Ceramic Coated 1 3/4" primary 3" collectors
Transmission Diamondback Pro Footbrake (Billet Steel Drum, Super Sprag, Red Clutches, harden gears, modified pump, …
Valve Body  Griner Footbrake
Torque Convertor PTC Steel Stator 
Cage Chrome Molley 12pt Fields Racing
Axles, Gears & Spool Moser Alloys
Front Brakes 73 A-Body Discs
Rear Brakes  Aerospace Disc
Ignition MSD 6AL, Billet Dist, Blaster II Coil
Shifter PPP
Slicks MT Drag ET 29X10
Wheels Prostars
Rear Springs Cal-Tracks Mono with MP Inboards
Rear Shocks Rancho 9000 13-way
Front Shocks 3-way
Line-lock Hurst Anti-Roll
Master Cylinder Durango Aluminum
Fuel Pump  MagnaFuel
Water Pump & Neck CSR Billet  
Trans Shield  CSR Carbon Fiber
Trans Cooler  B&M with E/Fan
Electrical  Twin 12V with mini-alternator 
Fuel Lines  Braided Stainless back to front
Fuel Cell  JAZ 8 gal
Sub frame connectors  Welded in

This car is not only legal in NMCA to race in Nostalgia Muscle car — it was #3 of 62 cars for 2009.


The above barely describes the quality of this car.

Driver moved to the Nostalgia Super Stock class.

You can't build a Demon of this quality for $35,000


El Demonio Rojo has been the subject of many magazine features

Dallas' Win at Zmax

This car is as fresh as a daisy — and ready to race. It is very low maintenance and dependable. It was overbuilt and never wound up to it potential, to keep it low maintenance and dependable. This car has spent it's entire life as a well pampered race car and still wears its original Texas Inspection Sticker from 1972. The paint and body looks as good 1 foot away as it does in the photos. You can eat off the underside of the car — which is cleaned after every race.

Wash, Waxed, and ready to go
Wash, Waxed, and ready to go
Wash, Waxed, and ready to go
Wash, Waxed, and ready to go
Wash, Waxed, and ready to go
Wash, Waxed, and ready to go
Wash, Waxed, and ready to go
Wash, Waxed, and ready to go
Wash, Waxed, and ready to go
Wash, Waxed, and ready to go
Wash, Waxed, and ready to go
Wash, Waxed, and ready to go
Wash, Waxed, and ready to go
Motor now has CSR Billet Water Pump not shown in photos
Demon's Engine Compartment 5/08
Demon's Engine Compartment 5/08
Demon's Engine Compartment 5/08
Demon's Engine Compartment 5/08
Under the Demon August 2008
 Under the Demon August 2008
Under the Demon August 2008
Under the Demon August 2008
Rear Disc Brakes
Rear Disc Brakes
This car is a Top Shelf pampered race car worth over $35,000. I've reduced the sales price from $25,000 to $20,000 — and will sell the car for $15000 as a roller (less motor, transmission, headers, radiator, fan and trans cooler. I also have a new Diamondback 408ci engine pump gas engine that would still allow this car to go 11.0 on pump gas — for those looking to compete in a "True Street" class. The car would require wipers, turn signals, and street slicks to pass Texas inspection, and the s pool replaced with a Sure track or Locker, and engine to a pump gas to be truly streetable. Click here to email me your questions.

NMCA Legal 12-Second NMC Car

12 Second Dodge Aspen For Sale

NMC Legal for NMCA Racing


I built this car for my daughter to race in the Nostalgia Muscle Car class of NMCA, but her job and later a marriage didn't leave her any time to race. It has maybe 20 passes on it since completed.

It is a very solid and safe race car that goes as straight as a string. It was way over built to be low maintenance and run in the 12.0 index of NMC. I offer it for a quick sale of $10,000. I have over $20,000 and 600 hours in it. It is ready to race and win right now — and needs nothing.

ABOVE VIDEO: The car had a 408 put in it for one event — where it ran high 10s. This first pass was 11.1. I have a newly built pump gas 408ci Street/Strip motor for sale — and can put it in the car if you're looking to go mid/high 10s. Engine is $7500 upgrade. It is new and Diamondback Engines was selling them for $8995.


408 Aluminum Magnum Head motor above or 408 Aluminum Performer Head below. $7500 upgrade installed — either for the same price. I keep the 360.





Video of showing my daughter how to do a 2nd to 3rd gear burnout with the 360 currently in the car

For Sale




The chassis is properly set up with a Mopar Performance proven recipe using SS Springs and off-set shackles. The car hooks very well. The engine is a mild Mopar Performance recipe 360, which we ran with a mixture of 1/3 Sunoco blue and 2/3 octane — or straight 104 octane. A-Body 8 3/4" with Moser spool and alloy axles, and 4.10 Richmond race gears. New slicks with 2 passes on them. Manual reverse valve body 727, PTC 9" convertor, and CSR carbon fiber trans-shield.

For Sale

For Sale

Full complement of Autometer gauges, including fuel pressure. Cheatah shifter with line lock. Wilwood style aluminum master cylinder. Header evacs. The K-frame, trunk pan, and both sides of the floor boards were stripped and painted with POR15. The underside of the car was cleaned every couple of races. Braided steel fuel lines from cell to the engine compartment.

Only time slip I can find — but its gone faster. With a 408 for a weekend, it did a 10.6 with a 1.48 60'


clean, and rust-free underside that has been painted in POR15 for easy cleaning. Note sub-frame connectors, driveshaft loop, deep transmission pan, …



Cleaned to bare metal before paint

Cleaning the underside to bare metal

Cleaning the underside to bare metal

Engine compartment cleaned, primed, and painted. K-Frame painted in POR15.






Old Interior removed, floors taken to bare metal and POR15


For Sale



Shifter recently changed to Cheatah


Driver's seat adjustable for drivers 6' 4" to 5' 4".

It would take at least $20,000 and 600 hours to get a rust-free car, cage it, sub-frame connect it, scrape and POR15 it, set up the chassis, put in a long lasting and dependable drivetrain, use all of the quality electrical/ignition parts, wheels and tires, spool/axel/race gears/springs, and paint it to look and perform as well as this car — or you can plop down $10Grand and race tonight. My sacrifice is your bonus if you're the one to jump on this car.



I Was The Inspiration For OC & Stiggs

National Lampoon’s OC & Stiggs

I was a subscriber of National Lampoon back in the 70s and 8os. When the October 1982 issue arrived, it contained first person account of fictional characters OC and Stiggs — titled “The Utterly Monstrous Mind-Roasting Summer of O.C. and Stiggs”.

When I read this story I knew that someone had written the story of my friends and I in the year 1972, just prior to my enlisting and reporting to basic training. I had dropped out of school the year before — and lived a life that mirrors OC and Stiggs so closely that someone I know must have submitted the idea. Then again, Al Gore thought “Love Story” was written about his life prior to Inventing the Internet.

Anyway, if you want to read the funniest story ever published in National Lampoon, almost 30 years after it first appeared — then click here.

If you saw the movie — forget everything you saw in it. It sucked and the story is far funnier.

My Last Three Indians For Sale

My Last Three Indians For Sale


At one time I had a museum and around 25 Indians from 1913 too 1951 in my collection.










A few years ago, I sold off the collection of Indians — except for my favorite three. I'm now downsizing my life — and as much as I love these bikes — I need to sell them and move on. The following are for sale.

50 Chief Kustom


May be the fastest and most beautiful Indian Chief ever made.

Rare and highly desirable hydraulic fork used in the low production final years of the Indian Chief.

Very Expensive multi-colored metallic candied paint in  "Rainbow Theme". Kustom Chief graphic with head dress of flames.

Engine is stroked and uses the top shelf parts from JE, Carilla, Shunk, … making it one of the fastest hand-shifted (crotch shifter) bikes ever. 400+ miles on engine. Engine built by Terry Krumm of Krumm Indian. The bike was restored by Terry and Adrian Krumm of Krumm's Indian. One of a kind hand made dual fishtails on a one of a kind show bike.

Click Here For More Information on the 50 Chief

The bike was driven for one season and then drained of its fluids and used as a museum piece. I paid close to $50,000 to build and it would most likely cost considerably more now. It ran great when last ridden prior to being prepared for storage. It most likely will need a new battery and the carb rebuilt — as neither store well. Any respectable motorcycle mechanic should be able to quickly ready for the road.

I'll take the first $45,000 waved in front of my face. Excellent Investment in an era where cash,, real estate, stocks, and bonds are losing value — and Gold has topped out.

Come take a look at the bike (in Houston, Texas area) and I'm sure you'll jump all over it.

51 Rainbow Chief


Rare Rainbow Chief restored and painted by Bob Stark of Starklite.

Those of you who know Indian History, know that Bob's father owned a Indian Dealership back in the 30s-40s-50s. At the dealership in the 40s, they came up with a unique paint scheme called the Rainbow as a way to sell more bikes. It became so popular — that they worked with the factory to produce these schemes. Most were shades of reds and yellows — but a few Rainbows were done in blue or black schemes.

Bob Stark built and painted this bike for me in the late 90s. It is a fully loaded bike with a lot of very rare Indian Accessories and parts on it. I rode it for one season, putting 400+ miles on it — and then removed the battery and drained the fluids to display in a museum. The museum is now closed — and I'm selling this rare piece of history.

$35,000 is a very firm price – as-is, where-is. While the bike was running at the time it was prepared for storage — you can expect to need to replace the battery and most likely need to rebuild the carb and tune up. Most reputable motorcycle mechanics should have no problem — or you could have the bike shipped to Starklite for them to go through.

I can arrange delivery to anywhere in the world at Buyer's cost. Click here for more info and photos on the 51 Chief

41 Indian Four


This very rare motorcycle was the Duesenbergs of motorcycles. Professionally restored By Krumms Indian, ridden 30 miles to ensure all was well, and then all fluid drained and the bike displayed as a museum piece.

Once certified have been received — I'll help arrange shipping to anywhere in the world — at Buyer's cost. Don't bother with the scams — as they go no where until money is certified — and you pay the shipper directly.


Secede Texas

Are you a Texan who feels like America has left us behind and is forcing a culture on us that we don’t want? Do you feel like we’re past the point of no return?

If you answered no to both questions — then consider on of the 168 “Secede Texas” items in the Chairman Obama Gift Shop to start the conversations.

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Sell Your Used Books

Sell Your Old Books on Dave's List – Free!


With the economy the way it is, I'm trying to live smarter financially. I'm downsizing my life by getting rid of all stuff I don't really need, and really don't appreciate. This will reduce my expenses, have my life less cluttered, put a little money in my pocket, and better appreciate what I keep.

We've recently moved from a big home we had lived in for 15 years, and a lake house we had for 11 years — into a single and much smaller home. After filling six bookcases, I still had 20 boxes of books that I have no room for.

So in the era of reducing clutter and downsizing my life — I've put together a used book selling section of Dave's List, which is what I jokingly refer to the Old Hippie dot com's Free Classified Ad web site. Registered and logged in members of can place free classified ads, with a "Buy it Now" linked to their PayPal, which has the buyer pay for the item and the shipping by credit card or their PayPal account.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will have my administrative assistant (Manda) start adding the 300+ books I'm selling.  However, I invite, no I challenge, others to downsize their lives by cleaning out their garages, attics, sheds, and anywhere else they have stuff that they know in their heart of hearts they don't need. Pack Rats and Hoarders — here is a chance for you to give yourself and your family breathing room, put some cash in your pockets, and get what you don't need to someone who does need it.

Get a roll of masking tape and walk around your house and put a piece of tape and a price of everything that is really useless to you. Keep the stuff that has sentimental value — but limit the number of things with sentimental value — so you better appreciate them. Then come back around with a digital camera ($50 at Wal-Mart) and photo the items — as ads with photos sell quicker. Then turn your useless stuff into cash.

As the classified ad site gets bigger — I will pay for advertising to bring more people to buy the stuff being sold. Until them, please share this on Facebook and tell your friends of the Free Classified Ads site — and the bigger it gets — the better it is for buyers and sellers.