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Old Hippie Site Updated Redesigned


The main landing page of (Portal) has been redesigned to have more function, and have the Look & Feel of the forums and Free Classified Ad site.

  • The Portal is where I post items that I feel may be of interest to a wide range of people. The Portal uses Word Press, which is a blog operating application, as its engine. It is hosted on a Big Kahuna Hosting's web server, and the domain registrar is Southern Star Hosting. Anyone can register a domain name for less than $10 a year and have their site hosted for less than $100 a year. I began to self-teach myself web design back in 1992, when I first registered to play with. It went from a hobby to a very lucrative business, which allows me to work from home and on my own schedule. Customers who have a Big Kahuna Hosting account can automatically install Word Press with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

  • The Forums is the busiest part of the Old Hippie domain. It is a Vbulletin 3.8X forum — soon to be upgraded to 4.X. While Vbulletin charges for a license, there are quite a few other forums that Big Kahuna Hosting customers can install with a couple of clicks free of charge. On Old Hippie's forums — there is a forum for virtually any topic you wish to discuss. You can easily participate in those that interest you — while avoiding those that do not. Cars, computers, motorcycles, politics, Texas, religion, Military, guns, drag racing, electronics, … just about anything. Check it out.

  • The Free Classified Ad site that we use here at Old Hippie is a for charge application by PhotoPost (Only because I bought it before there were free ones available) — but there is now a choice of a couple free ones that Big Kahuna Hosting customers can automatically install in their hosting account. On Old Hippie — registered members can list just about anything the have for sale in the proper category, with photos, and absolutely free.

  • I have another area of the site with photo albums containing tens of thousands of my photos. While I don't have it private — I don't advertise where I have it located. There is also a selection of photo album applications that Big Kahuna Hosting customers can automatically install in their hosting account. I use my albums to share with my family and friends — and host photos I post on many of my sites.

So this post actually has two purposes. The first being to bring to the attention of the visitors of this site the different areas of the Old Hippie domain, that the Portal has just gone under a major upgrade, and to invite visitors to start browsing around the site. There are literally hundreds of posts, so look for the "Older Posts" link at the bottom of the page. The second purpose is to encourage anyone out there who wants their own site, or is interested in learning how to put together web sites for fun and profit — that it is 100 times easier than when I started many years ago. Anyone can put together a great web site by simply registering the domain name they wish to go by at Southern Star Hosting, and having a hosting account at Big Kahuna Hosting. If you need help — see the Big Kahuna Hosting Forums to get your questions asked and answered.


Major Redesign of Gone Through a Total Redesign

zHMMmagnum25In 1992, I registered the domain name so I could self teach myself web design, web servers, and learn more about the Internet. In the 20 years since — it has been quite a journey. Many of the items under the "Maniacal Ravings" menu were originally post on the site 20 years back — and still timeless today.

Over the years the site has gone through as many changes as the Internet has. The first site was done in Microsoft Publisher, later in Front Page, and now it is a Word Press site using MySQL and php.

I invite all visitors to browse around on the site and read the "Maniacal Ravings" articles (Like Rules to Date My Daughters), and the shorter posts (there are many pages of short posts — so click the older posts link at the bottom of each page to get the next page). The posts cover a wide range of topics from family, to politics, to humor, to drag racing, to Texas, to just about any other topic I felt to be of interest. Other areas of the site include racing, where I have short descriptions of my race cars; stuff I have for sale; and links to many of my other sites — because while may have been my first — it isn't the only of my sites. Check it out!

Wally for NSS in Houston

Last Chance For a Wally in NSS

I just got off the phone with Scott Sparrow with NMCA to see if they would give NSS a Wally to the winner of the Houston race, and he got with Trey and Charlie Harmon — who agreed that there will be a NSS Wally.

For those who didn't know, for 2011 NMCA partnered up with the NHRA Unleashed series — and winners of the point series races since Joliet have received a Wally. The rumor I'd heard was this was a one year only deal — and I don't think that NMCA/NHRA will make an announcement (either way) concerning 2012 before PRI.

So, if you haven't won a Wally so far, and don't win the one in Indy — then Houston might be the last opportunity you will ever get to put a Wally on your book shelf.

The other good thing about the Houston race — is that NMCA will return all of the NSS Driver's Fees back to the racers in their purse. The more who come to take their shot at the Wally in NSS — the bigger the NSS purse will be.

The South need some help from its northern brothers to get Nostalgia Super Stock in front of potential future NSS racers, and we need to try to show NMCA that Houston would be a great warm weather replacement for the first or last race of  the year. Few NSS racers like Bradenton, but NMCA has to have it proven to them that Houston is a good track to run when it gets too cold up North. Please make plans to make the Houston race November 11-12.

More information at:


How The American Empire Ended

Contrary to what you were taught in school, a Democracy is not a very good form of government, nor was the American Constitution created to be the outline and rules for a Democracy. We started on the road of changing from a Republic to a Democracy (very big difference) early in the last century under President Wilson — who was a far Left Wing Progressive. He started a chain of events that we’ve just about run out of time to reverse.

Communists want a total government by a small few "Party" members over the rest of the People in the USA.

Cloward & Piven documented a Communist strategy to give them their total government rule, by first creating an impossible to maintain level of dependency on the government by the people, then creating and fueling riots/anarchy when the government could no longer afford to keep up with the dependence they created, and finally be positioned to quickly fill the vacuum (need for a government to restore law) with a Communist government to save the day.

In between a Republic (which our Founding Fathers created for the USA) and total Government is a Democracy, which is the pathway to Anarchy. Check out the below short and interesting video of the History of Governments, and you will see how Cloward & Piven didn’t invent this strategy — they simply studied how it has taken place many times throughout history — the most famous being the fall of the Roman Empire. After viewing the video, compare with the rioting you are seeing in Egypt, Libya, and Syria in the Middle East; Greece, Italy, France, and England in Europe; and early stages of it happening here in the USA at places like Union Rallies or at the State Capital in Madison, Wisconsin.

America’s fall from being the greatest modern culture is well on the way here in the USA.


NSS Comic Book Style Wall Calendar

Each year I try to add a new Nostalgia Super Stock Wall Calendar to promote NSS Racing. I have a "Sticky" thread in this forum asking for High Resolution track photos, and on it there are a few examples of previous calendars (always current for the year) that are still available ( ). In previous calendars, Donnie from Photosport has helped me out with photos, or I've taken them from the stands, and in one calendar a fan provided me with the high res photos.

These calendars are printed as ordered (on demand) here in the US — and shipped to anywhere in the world — as opposed to having a couple of thousand printed up in China. I'm in it to promoted NSS — and never made $100 total off any of the calendars I've created. It isn't a money thing.

I had a few health issues this year, and haven't had the opportunity to personally take any high-resolution photos of good quality — and to date, no one has sent me any.

What I have been able to do is take photos of far less resolution necessary to make a good photo calendar — and spend many hours using some Photoshop tricks to make the photos into Comic book style images of the needed resolution. Over the weekend I've created a calendar using high resolution versions of the low resolution images used below.

Right now as I type this, the calendar uses 2011 pages and hasn't yet converted to 2012 pages. Generally in October they convert the pages to 2012 — it those interested want to wait until the pages change to 2012. The link will be the same for now with the 2011 pages — and after the conversion of the calendar to 2012.