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Secede Texas

Are you a Texan who feels like America has left us behind and is forcing a culture on us that we don’t want? Do you feel like we’re past the point of no return?

If you answered no to both questions — then consider on of the 168 “Secede Texas” items in the Chairman Obama Gift Shop to start the conversations.

From bumper stickers and coffee mugs, shirts and sweat shirts, yard signs and banners, and many little stocking stuffing trinkets like drink coasters and fridge magnets.

Check it out: SECEDE : Chairman Obama’s Gift Shop

Sell Your Used Books

Sell Your Old Books on Dave's List – Free!


With the economy the way it is, I'm trying to live smarter financially. I'm downsizing my life by getting rid of all stuff I don't really need, and really don't appreciate. This will reduce my expenses, have my life less cluttered, put a little money in my pocket, and better appreciate what I keep.

We've recently moved from a big home we had lived in for 15 years, and a lake house we had for 11 years — into a single and much smaller home. After filling six bookcases, I still had 20 boxes of books that I have no room for.

So in the era of reducing clutter and downsizing my life — I've put together a used book selling section of Dave's List, which is what I jokingly refer to the Old Hippie dot com's Free Classified Ad web site. Registered and logged in members of can place free classified ads, with a "Buy it Now" linked to their PayPal, which has the buyer pay for the item and the shipping by credit card or their PayPal account.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will have my administrative assistant (Manda) start adding the 300+ books I'm selling.  However, I invite, no I challenge, others to downsize their lives by cleaning out their garages, attics, sheds, and anywhere else they have stuff that they know in their heart of hearts they don't need. Pack Rats and Hoarders — here is a chance for you to give yourself and your family breathing room, put some cash in your pockets, and get what you don't need to someone who does need it.

Get a roll of masking tape and walk around your house and put a piece of tape and a price of everything that is really useless to you. Keep the stuff that has sentimental value — but limit the number of things with sentimental value — so you better appreciate them. Then come back around with a digital camera ($50 at Wal-Mart) and photo the items — as ads with photos sell quicker. Then turn your useless stuff into cash.

As the classified ad site gets bigger — I will pay for advertising to bring more people to buy the stuff being sold. Until them, please share this on Facebook and tell your friends of the Free Classified Ads site — and the bigger it gets — the better it is for buyers and sellers.


Money Wasted On Awkward Christmas Gifts

Money Wasted On Awkward Christmas Gifts

Something for Everyone: Gifts & Wish Lists

Something for Everyone: Gifts & Wish Lists

Amazon Wish Lists Solve This Problem

Amazon Wish Lists. Everyone is hard to buy for — and that’s why everyone has a closet full of unused Christmas gifts. If people were smart — they’d spend an hour on Amazon adding the stuff they wish they had to their personal wish list. Then they can be searched by email address, and when a gift is purchased — it is removed from the list viewed by potential gifters — but not to the giftee. If everyone did this — less money would be wasted with awkward gifts. Set up your gift list — and check for the email address of those you’re buying gifts for this year.

If you use Firefox – there’s even an addon that allows you to add anything to your Wish list from any site.

Your wish list should include items at every reasonable price level. My wish list includes items from $7 to a couple of hundred. Get your wish list started quickly — as people will start looking for it by your email address — to help them give you a gift you actually need.

Texas Whale Update

Bet it will be the only 60 Plymouth 2-door wagon running in Nostalgia Super Stock next year.

Mark Artis at Texas Thunder has been assembling this car for me for quite some time — and it is rounding third and heading for home.

The below photos were taken by Pat Artis.









There is a big scramble to get the car finished, down to Houston, and to the tack for the Houston race. It won’t be ready to go down the track if we make that deadline — but it should be ready for others to check out. It will take the rest of the winter to handle the finishing details and TT for racing next year.

Hot Laps in a Bentley

My brother Doug is a road racer who has been trying to convince me to go to racing school in February, get my license, road race with him. I’ve been to the track with him a couple times beating up on his cars.

Today he invited me to help break in the new engine in one of his Shelby GT350s, while he tried out a NASCAR Ford Fusion that was Mark Martin’s road car. In this first video, he’s driving the car and showing my line to take, when to brake, and what gear to be in.

Doug’s daily driver is a Bentley Continental — a $175,000 Supercar with a top speed of over 200mph. As we were about to go home, he decided to take a few laps in it. You wouldn’t know it from the below video because the AC was on and the windows up (and Bruce Springsteen Thunder Road playing)  — but his 6000 pound car was faster than the Shelby (and his Porsche) and the tires were screaming.

2010 Bentley Continental GT Speed

Indian Four 4 Sale

1941 Indian Four

Museum Piece – 1st Time Offered


The Duesenberg of Motorcycles

During the hard times of the Great Depression and the war years, the Four was a luxurious anomaly. But Indian stuck with it, and today it’s a machine highly prized by collectors. Even more surprising is the purposeful, single-minded styling: it still has massive appeal seventy years later, and belies the remarkably convoluted history of the Four.

It first appeared as the Indian Ace, after Indian bought the Ace Motor Corporation in 1927. The Ace was heavily modified to become the Indian 401, which then became the 402 after adopting the frame from the Indian Scout. Many drivetrain modifications followed—some disastrous—but the mighty 77-ci Four soldiered on until 1942. Today, there’s a thriving Indian Four club scene and you’ll need $60,000-$80,000 to buy a Four on the open market — if you can even find one.

In the 90's I spent over 10 years looking for restorable Indians of the 30s, 40s, and 50s, ultimately finding 23 of them worth restoring, and then having Terry Krumm of Krumm's Indian restore them all. I was able to find and purchase a total of four Indian Fours. About 10 years ago I quickly sold three of the Fours for $60,000 each — and keeping the best Four and the best Chief for my Museum. Below are photos of the Indian Fours I sold in the late 90s.

As stated above, I kept the best of the Fours and had a professional nut and bolt restoration performed by Terry Krumm at Krumms Indian. It was one of the last Indians he restored prior to his retiring. The restoration took almost five years — and is most likely the best Four Restoration available.

It was painted in a 1994 Cadillac Medium Montana Blue, as that was my favorite color. A common oil system modification (with an oil filter and cooler) to correct a known design flaw was made, as I originally thought I'd ride the bike. After just a single shake down ride to prove it ran well — I drained the bike of all of its fluids and made it a museum piece — as it was too nice, too rare, and too expensive to ride. The oil filter and cooler can be easily removed if the buyer wished.

The bike has a lot of rare parts and is fully optioned. I dare you to find another Four with as many options.

I've seen very few Indian Fours on the market in the last ten years, and those with the knowledge to restore them properly are all but gone. The few I've seen are not near as nice, and yet are going for close to $80,000.

I will quick sell this Indian to the first person with $70,000. Use the contact page to contact me.

More Photos






















Quick Sale — Cheap!!!

For Sale Cheap

Solid Oak Desk $150 SOLD

for sale

Dell E1405 Notebook $100

for sale

for sale

for sale

The deal on this computer is that it is a $1000 computer that I bought for my mother a few years back. She didn’t renew her anti-virus and caught some kind of Porn virus on it. I spent less than 30 minutes trying to fix — and then when I realized that I’d have to format the drive and reinstall Windows from the CD — I just got her a new one instead. I’m certain the computer is repairable, but it will take someone with time and understanding to deal with it. She couldn’t find any of her disks — so you only get the computer and charger. As is – Where is.

This stuff won’t last long — first to email me saying they want to buy it win. Richmond/Katy Texas area.

My Harley is Finished

My Harley is Finished

After 17 years — I thought it was about time to give my Harley Heritage and new look for the next 17 years. The below is how the Harley looked before the face lift.


And this is how it looks now. I was shooting for more of a late 50s Southwest US look with the sheet metal colors .

Harley Finished

Harley Finished

Harley Finished

Color Change On The Harley

Color change on the Harley Heritage





The above is my 1994 Harley Heritage — that I bought new in 1993. Then, the waiting list was years — so you took what ever color you got — plus $10,000 of ginger bread you didn’t want. After 17 years — I thought it was time to change the color to what I would have ordered. Actually — I wanted more of a 57 Thunderbird turquoise and white — but for some reason when I picked the paint up it was too "Robin’s Egg Blue" I had them add green three times before I settled on the below — before the color got too screwed up. The paint was color sanded today and I’ll take to the artist tomorrow for the tank art and blood red pin-stripe between the blue and white.


Harley Color Change

Harley Color Change


I’m planning on the below for the tank art

possible tank art

Paint For My Daily Drivers

New Paint For My Drivers


The above is my 4X4 Dually Crew Cab King Ranch F350 when I took delivery of it in 2005


I've recently been in the process of having the vehicles I drive most freshened up with a new paint scheme. The scheme has a Cadillac pearl/metallic red (a paint costing my $900 a gallon for the color because it has so much red and violet pearly, and red metallic in it) for the top color, Mary Kay pink for the stripe (except for the truck — where I'm using a Toyota Sandstone Metallic), and a Challenger black metallic (except the truck — which is plain Black).


The first car to get the paint (after stripping and extensive body work) is my 46 Oldsmobile Street Rod.



Before and After on the Olds



Next up was a 2009 6-speed Challenger RT, which I bought as the first 6-speed to hit Houston in November 2008, and then put in storage when I found a new 6-speed SRT8 at a dealer in North Arkansas a week later. I took the RT out of storage, painted it and now drive it — while the SRT8 is in storage.


Day 1

Challenger RT before and after



However the topic of this blog post is my truck. The below are some photos of the progress thus far.


Tearing down for a repaint

Tearing down for a repaint

Day 2 Repaint

Day 2 Repaint

King Ranch being masked

King Ranch being masked

Cab painted but not yet wet sanded

Cab painted but not yet wet sanded




As of this writing, the bed was painted, color sanded and power buffed. The cab has been painted, will be color sanded today, and buffed tomorrow. Thursday the bumpers and other small parts (mirrors, etc) will be prepped and painted, and Friday they'll be color sanded and buffed. The grill has had the plastic insert cut out, and billet bars installed. The taillights with be red LEDs. The bed caps will be black powder-coated diamond plate. The tan carpet will be replaced with black. I figure we're a week and half away from my driving the truck again — for a total of three weeks from tear down to drive away.


Next up is the Harley Heritage I bought new in 1993.


Brand New Web Site

DaveSchultz dot Com

We’re Back

Today, the Dave Schultz domain got reactivated after a very long (about 4 years) slumber. You need to bookmark and visit this site often — as it will be evolving on a daily basis.  In the meantime — look over to the navigational links in the right sidebar and start clicking on them to see what’s happening around here. The side (especially the Favorite Links) will also be evolving on a daily basis.