2011 NSS Wall Calendar

The below are a Few of the 2011 NSS Wall Calendars created from Hi-Res photos of NSS cars. Quite honestly, some of the photos are from previous years, and have been recycled — albeit with new covers. There is a thread in the NSS Forum that has more detail on the calendar. They’re normally priced at $21 on Cafe Press — but clicking the accompanying links — you can for a limited time get them for a discounted price of $17.99.  Please pass along these links to your NSS buds — so they too can save a couple bucks.

These calendars make excellent Christmas gift. Shipping is cheap (no rip-offs on the S&H).










Dave Schultz Wins Class @ Dave Duell Classic


5th Annual Dave Duell Classic

Monster Mopar Weekend – September 9-12

Text & Photo By: Dave Schultz
Data Compiled by: Bob Wilkewitcz
September 15, 2010

82 NSS Driver's arrived to compete in the 5th annual Dave Duell Classic, which was held during the 26th Monster Mopar Weekend at Gateway International Raceway in Madison, Il.

7022 Skip Koester, Columbia Station OH, ’64 Ford; 7647 Clayton Kossuth, St. Peters MO, ’64 Plymouth; 1963 Stanley Rideout, Pacific MO, ’63 Plymouth; 6691 Ken Helton, St. Peters MO, ’64 Dodge; 6014 Mike Furgye, Demotte IN, ’63 Plymouth; 7795 Ron Rector, St. Charles MO, ’63 Dodge; 7045 Jake Kuenster, Lancaster WI, ’66 Chevrolet; 7066 Mike Moss, Paducah KY, ’66 Chevrolet; 7796 David Munsterman, Godfrey IL, ’64 Dodge; B395 Jeff Burris, Wooddale IL, ’67 Plymouth; 7252 Len Grimsley Jr., Itasca IL, ’64 Plymouth; 7253 Paul Habura, Addison IL, ’63 Plymouth; 7251 Bill White, Demotte IN, ’65 Chevelle; 7038 Charlie Kuenster, Lancaster WI, ’59 Chevrolet; 7042 Jerry Kuenster, Potosi WI, ’59 Chevrolet; 5008 Phil Cathey, Columbia MO, ’67 Plymouth; 0952 Valiere Boelsen, Sedalia MO, ’66 Plymouth; 7410 Mick Alles, New Albany IN, ’64 Plymouth; 7396 Richard Morris, Collierville TN, ’65 Chevelle; 8002 Khorey Rideout, Pacific MO, ’65 Plymouth;3700 Donnie Wilson, Cave Cith KY, ’65 Dodge; 7354 Richard Duvall Jr., Chandler IN, ’63 Plymouth; 7355 Jeff Meece, Newburgh IN, ’63 Plymouth; 1 Doug Duell, Newburgh IN, ’64 Plymouth; 7777 Andy Warren, Rineyville KY, ’67 Plymouth; 309 Jay Freihage, Johnsburg IL, ’68 Plymouth; 3065 Casey Fauss-Johnson, Columbus OH, ’65 Dodge; 7007 Wally Krueger, Appleton WI, ’64 Plymouth; 5580 Don Bruemmer, Jefferson City MO, ’65 Plymouth; 7691 Jeff Frees, Menasha WI, ’64 Plymouth; 7963 Tim Frees, Menasha WI, ‘63 Plymouth; 7899 D.W. Hopkins, Tupelo MS, ’64 Ford; 7770 Barry Camp, Monroe GA, ’66 Chevrolet; 7423 Russ Berens, Edgar WI, ’67 Plymouth; 7464 Joe Midile Jr., Medina OH, ’64 Dodge; 7047 Geary Bates, Wintersville OH, ’67 Ford; 419M Kent Morris, Ardmore OK, ‘65 Dodge; 7266 Darrell Walker, Paducah KY, ’66 Chevrolet; 7092 Steve Wilson, Collierville TN, ’65 Chevelle; 799 Brian Essary, Hobart IN, ’65 Dodge; 1426 Scott Bourrell, Cedar Lake IN, ’64 Dodge; 7602 Dallas Schultz, Richmond TX, ’65 Dodge; 7601 Dave Schultz, Richmond TX, ’63 Plymouth; 7557 Rosie Kossuth, Catawissa MO, ’64 Dodge; 7528 Clay Kossuth, Catawissa MO, ’63 Dodge; 7747 Mitzi Herzing, St. Clair MO, ’63 Plymouth; 5785 Chris Schneider, Jefferson City MO, ’65 Plymouth; 7270 Jeff Millward, Columbia Station OH, ’64 Plymouth; 7440 Al Corda, Elk Mound WI, ’69 Dodge; 7421 Gary Beemer, Attica MI, ’63 Pontiac; 7058 Ed Becker, Southaven MS, ’65 Plymouth; 387 Rich Berlisk, Hartland WI, ’63 Plymouth; 529 John Grinwald, Watertown WI, ’62 Dodge; Q361 Kurt TeVault, Newton IL, ’65 Plymouth; 7561 Damon Kuhn, Needville TX, ’61 Plymouth; 7580 Jim Guy, Hilliard OH, ’64 Plymouth; 7867 Don Baierl, St. Paul MN, ’64 Dodge; 5649 Steve Stahlschmidt, West Alton MO, ’65 Plymouth; 7017 Joe Ewing, Evansville IN, ’63 Dodge; 2236 Kevin Miller, Newton IL, ’65 Dodge; 413A Gene Devening, Kane IL, ’62 Dodge; 7572 Jimmy Ray, Atoka TN, ’65 Chevelle; 0427 Kenny Gresham, Granite City IL, ’63 Ford; 7160 Al Wilson, Belle Buckle TN, ’60 Plymouth; 502 Jim Brandon, Bland MO, ’64 Dodge; 8862 Jake Wilburs, St. Louis MO, ’62 Plymouth; 777 Dennis Spurgeon, Rosebud MO, ’69 Dodge; C553 Gary Fenice, Moose Lake MN, ’63 Plymouth; A330 Tommy Sedlock, Benton KY, ’64 Plymouth; 7834 Mike DeChicco, Ostrander OH, ’65 Dodge; 7556 Bob Mosher, Elmhurst IL, ’67 Ford; 7300 Marty Bertagnoli, Elgin IL, ’64 Ford; 6528 Michael Sanders, Brook IN, ’68 Plymouth; 2421 B.J. Bax, Henley MO, ’62 Pontiac; 7837 Tom Hoffman, Lake Elmo MN, ’63 Plymouth; 7804 Jim Hagenhoff, Holts Summit MO, ’64 Plymouth; 65 Tom Mitchell Jr., Columbia MO, ’65 Dodge; 7 Jim Netherland, Columbia TN, ’67 Buick; 451 Joe Johnson, Staunton IL, ’63 Dodge; 999 John Baskerville, Wyoming MN, ’63 Dodge; 7667 Maggie Pelts, Eureka MO, ’67 Dodge; 757 Earl Hayes, Dix IL, ’67 Ford; E359 Dan Brewer, Ludlow Falls OH, ’63 Plymouth; 007 Larry Roff, Belle MO, ’67 Dodge

Most arrived and tech'd their car in on Thursday.

Friday had us waking up to a very wet track. It was late afternoon before it was dry and NSS was allowed it's first Time Trial, which about 75% of the cars participated in. The second Time Trial on Friday was cancelled after the third set ran — due to an oil down. Later that evening Chris Schneider sponsored a Bar-B-Q that benefited Racers For Christ.

Saturday had a quick Time Trial in the Morning, and the Class Eliminations started at noon. Below are Part 1 and Part 2 of Round One of the Class Eliminations. The slower Classes in the beginning working up to the faster classes.

Class Finals:

NSS/G [13.00]
799 Essary (.111) 1.195; 8.453; 11.015; 13.199@102.91 win
777 Spurgeon (-.070) 1.957; 8.167; 10.764; 13.011@99.54 red

NSS/F [12.50]
2421 Bax (-.074) 1.800; 8.224; 10.763; 12.907@105.00 red
7795 Rector (.086) 1.636; 7.714; 10.166; 12.271@104.65 win

NSS/E [12.00]
8002 Rideout, K. (-.004) 1.727; 7.603; 9.961; 11.984@110.97 red
7042 Kuenster, Jerry (.039) 1.636; 7.583; 9.986; 12.042@109.17 win

NSS/D [11.50]
7058 Becker (.042) 1.600; 7.256; 9.529; 11.464@115.92 win
7354 Duvall Jr. (.061) 1.612; 7.224; 9.482; 11.438@112.27

NSS/C [11.00]
7647 Kossuth, Clayton (-.003) 1.612; 7.071; 9.217; 11.123@111.19 red
7601 Schultz, Dave (.074) 1.533; 6.964; 9.123; 10.966@120.44 win

NSS/B [10.50]
7777 Warren (.032) 1.458; 6.636; 8.706; 10.502@124.49 win
7580 Guy (.031) 1.466; 6.666; 8.735; 10.497@127.22

NSS/A [10.00]
7834 DeChicco (.041) 1.416; 6.336; 8.288; 9.950@135.01 win
Q361 TeVault (-.034) 1.398; 6.366; 8.333; 10.003@134.35 red

7899 Hopkins (.054) 1.357; 6.041; 7.904; 9.487@141.71 win
7770 Camp (.006) 1.433; 6.201; 8.102; 9.728@137.05

Saturday night ended with the traditional Fried Chicken Driver's Dinner, sponsored by Indy with a $500 Gift Certificate by TTi.

Sunday's eliminations started early and went late. Fast Forward the winner was Don Baierl in his black 64 Dodge with a "Hole Shot" win over Jim Guy.

Eliminator Final:

7867 Baierl; NSS/A 10.00; (.025) 1.404; 6.331; 8.315; 10.019@128.43 win
7580 Guy; NSS/B 10.50; (.047) 1.470; 6.681; 8.743; 10.501@127.6


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Firefox Hacks & Tweaks

Firefox 3 Hacks And Tweaks

The following tweaks are obtained by typing about:config and then modifying the page. Make sure you take a back up copy just in case something goes wrong. Here are some of the hacks for the experimentally oriented.

Step one: Type about:config in the address bar and hit enter

Step two: Make the following modifications to the file by typing in the values on the respective fields to get the desired result (feel free to experiment)

1. To enable/disable Single Click Select URL of address bar

browser.urlbar.clickSelectsAll = True

browser.urlbar.clickSelectsAll = False

2. To auto Complete URL while typing in the address Bar


3. To set the number of auto complete URL in the address bar

browser.urlbar.maxRichResults = #

(# indicates the number of auto complete URLs shown. The default is 12)

4. To disable Browser Toolbar Tip

browser.chrome.toolbar_tips = False

For the rest of the hacks — http://www.oldhippie.com/forums/computers-hardware-software-peripherals-internet/13528-firefox-3-hacks-tweaks.html

My Dogs on Welfare

This morning I went to sign my Dogs up for welfare.

At first the lady said, “Dogs are not eligible to draw welfare”. So I explained to her that my Dogs are mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who their Daddies are. They expect me to feed them, provide them with housing and medical care, and feel guilty because they are dogs.

So she looked in her policy book to see what it takes to qualify. My Dogs get their first checks Friday.

Damn, this is a great country!

NMCA NSS Update From Zmax

Some updates:

We got here at 5PM Wednesday and they parked us at Lowe’s Motor Speedway parking for the night. After a night of moderate drinking (with just my two sons as no one else spent the night) they let us on the track at noon or so Thursday.

We teched the cars and got them in the trailer before the sky opened up.

Scott Sparrow who is the editor of the NMCA/NMRA magazines is a pretty good friend. My youngest son Justin is into photography — and spent $7500 for a camera. That’s about 3 times what his car is worth lol

Anyway, Justin (20 years old) isn’t into racing, but since he is going into the Air Force soon — I wanted him to come with Dallas and I for this race. He was game when I told him it would be a photo opportunity. I asked Scott if he’d acquire Justin a Media apron and give him a 20 minute “how to photo drag race cars” lecture — and let him photo on the line. At first Scott thought I might be looking to have him baby sit — was a little leery — but I convinced him that Justin would be OK and not jump onto the track nakid — and so he was game. Then it looked like they might be short photographers — so Scott was more motivated. I haven’t seen Justin in 8 hours — except to photo cars when I come to the line. It looks like he’ll have a lot of experience when this is over.

Back to cars — Dallas’ car can’t do the 9.75 in the 93 degree heat and bad air so we put a A/NSS on the car. He’s the top qualifyer after the first round — with a 10.01. Doug Duell is right there with him. Actually — not sure which of them is 1 and which is 2.

My car did at 11.029 this morning and then I bumped the timing up and it did a 11.026 in hotter weather. In the first qualifying it did a 11.065 — so I unbolted 50 pounds and added 2.5 gallons of gas. It should be about 5 degrees cooler for the next qualifying — so I might be OK.

There are 17 NSS cars here — but the other classes are real light. I’ll update later.





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