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The Facebook Gestapo

The Gestapo decides what posts stay, and block you from posting to any page or group if they disagree with your opinion. They then call it violating their community standards. It doesn’t have to have nudity, hate or anything else distasteful. Only needs a Liberal snitch to report to a Socialist Gestapo and for that high boot goosestepping member to not like it. Speech on Facebook is a one way street.

What Does Facebook Know About You

and who are they selling that information too?

No only does Facebook do the work of the Liberal Swamp by stifling the posting privileges of anyone posting a Pro-Trump or Anti-Liberal post, they’re reading every word of everything you’ve posted or communicated using their messenger – and scoring you. They know more about you than the NSA, CIA and FBI combined, and they make the ‘Deep State’ look like rookies on how they monetize it by selling your info to any entity targeting your assigned scores, or punish those posting to the Right of the Castros.

Do yourself a big favor and Google the topic of Facebook Spying on its Users. It is an evolving story that has picked up a lot of steam this month. Facebook’s power, corruption and political influence is far greater than most people can comprehend. They’re as much of the Swamp as the Socialist and Communist politicians they’re working hand in hand with.

Their Primary income source is not ads, its selling your Scored Data. Wake up and demand that they be held accountable for their promotion of the Socialist agenda from Soro’s Funded Groups, while punishing those speaking up against Socialism. Pull your heads out of the sand and speak up about how you won’t tolerate this abuse and corruption. Is For Sale

About 20 years ago I bought the domain name of off the original owner of the domain. For years it was a very popular Vbulletin board, with many members discussing virtually every topic. In the last few years, I’ve not done a good job of doing the site justice with my time. Last month I closed the site.

This is a screen shot of the forum in 2012

The domain name is valuable so I’ll continue to register it for the rest of my life (and then some as I renew 10 years at a time), or until someone makes me an offer I can’t refuse. Feel free to email me a reasonable offer at davetheoldhippie @

I also have a Vbulletin 5 Connect license for the site. I also have my own high performance dedicated service I can host a site on for you. is No More

Due to the lack of participation on the forum in the last couple of years, I’ve deleted the site and I will be selling the Domain Name and the Vbullentin license. It was a good 18 year run, but I don’t have the time to maintain a board that was experiencing such little participation.

I’ll most likely create a Facebook Group called for those interested in that.

Dave Schultz – The Old Hippie

Facebook’s Gestapo and Dave Schultz

In 2018, Facebook has banned me 11 times for 30-days. I’m seldom un-banned for more than two or three days before banned 30 days again. Every time it’s pure Chickenshit, if I’m even given a reason at all. Look through my page at and you’ll be hard pressed to find anything offensive, but the doesn’t stop Facebook’s Gestapo. I appealed the first couple of times, but they went unanswered.

I just came off a banning a couple of days ago, and was banned again today. So what is the great offense this time?

It was this totally vile photo of me and my Schnauzers Smith & Wesson, which was posted over a year ago. It appears that their Gestapo has me on their harass list to perpetually ban me for 30 days every month. If we were wearing Pussy hats there wouldn’t be a problem. But I digress.

The funny thing about Facebook community standards, they have none for themselves. They’re all over the news today for giving away your private data to their bigger advertisers.

Just yesterday they were in the news for giving others access to your private photos in messages.

Facebook’s stock has dropped like a lead balloon in the last three months while most other’s have one well. Closed at $134 a share, down from $220 a couple of months ago. If you’re a FB stock holder, you’ve lost have of you’re business. If your retirement is in a Mutual Fund holding Facebook positions, you’re losing money.

The reason for their stock dropping is a combination of the fears of all of the suits against that are sure to come down from US and European government agencies, and the record number of people downloading all of their data on Facebook – which is an indicator that a pissed off person will soon delete their Facebook account. These are very bad trends, and Facebook’s future is starting to look bleak. They’re committing suicide from their Uber Socialist slant on postings an the privacy violations. I just two words to sum up my feelings of Facebook. Fuck Zuckerberg!

If you’re reading this on Facebook, consider sharing with your friends so the see the real Facebook.



Facebook Has No Sense Of Humor

Dave Schultz is banned on Facebook more often than not (9 or the last 12 months) for the most lame of excuses. Because of this I have a few pseudo personalities, (like Art Deco, Moe Heacan, Al E Gator, Ty Kuhn, Dixie Normus…) most of which ultimately get permanently banned from Butt Hurt Liberal Snitches blowing me in.

Today one of my pseudo got in blown in by a snitch for posting that Early Voting For Democrats begins on Nov. 7th.

I’m constantly getting banned for taking an anti-abortion or Islamic Pedophile stances, yet I see the reverse stances taken by Liberals make it easily through.


The Deep State is Watching You

I bought a bunch of Echos for my house on Prime Day. My daughter asked me if I wasn’t concerned about the Deep State, as recently the government subpoenaed the Alexa records of an Arkansas man from Amazon.

I considered that before buying Alexa, but I figured what the Hell. They already have all of my texts and phone calls. All of my emails and banking transactions, All my movements from cell phones and facial recognition from city street and toll cameras. All of my credit card charges. All of my facebook posts. All of my medical records from Obamacare. Their satellite cameras can look in my bedroom window. My cars and trucks have black boxes that report my car’s diagnostics, and a microphone they have control of. They have every Google search I’ve ever made and every site I’ve ever visited. They can take over every camera, phone computer and TV; smart refrigerator and washer; door bell or flood light camera; or anything else with a camera or microphone. My electric smart meter tells them how much electricity I’m using in any given moment. How much more help can Alexia give them on what channel I watch or what music I’m listening to?

If you think you are free from Deep State tyranny, you’re pretty stupid.

You might pass this along to your family and friends. You are far from Free!

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Will you Lose Your Internet Monday Night?

From Wired:

Tens of thousands of U.S. internet users could be left in the digital dark on Monday when the FBI pulls the plug on domains related to the DNSChanger malware.

Computers belonging to an estimated 64,000 users in the United States, and an additional 200,000 users outside the United States, are still infected with the malware, despite repeated warnings in the news, e-mail messages sent by ISPs and alerts posted by Google and Facebook.

The DNSChanger malware, which infected more than half a million machines worldwide at the height of its activity, redirected a victim’s web browser to sites designated by the attackers, allowing them to earn more than $14 million in affiliate and referral fees.

Read More:

Check your computer:

Sample Race Track Web Site

Sample Race Track Web Site

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