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Finally, A Conservative Social Media Site

There’s a fairly new Social Media site for Conservatives called Parler. It was created about a year ago. It has some growing pains, but they appear to working them out. All of the known conservative suspects post there. Trump, Sean Hannity, Bongino, Malkin, Tucker Carlson, Newt, Rush, Levine, ….

NO advertising. No heavy handed moderating.

Everyone keeps screaming that they wish there was a Social Media site run by Conservatives – well here it is. Sign up and check it out. It will someday be the Facebook without Community Double Standards.

You can follow me there by clicking the link above.

Fight Fire With Fire

The number 1 Liberal Tactic has been disruption ever since Saul Alynsky wrote their bible “Rules for Radicals”. Their latest tactic — and this is taught to them in College by liberal teachers and all kinds of other Liberal groups — is to stifle Conservative speech. They do this no more than they do on Facebook. Their game is to report each and every Conservative leaning photo or meme to Facebook’s Gestapo as promoting violence. They’re currently on a letter writing campaign to the bigger Facebook advertisers, saying that they’ll boycott them if they don’t force Facebook to stop the Mean-Spirited Right Wing Conspiracy from posting their hateful posts. Every chickenshit Liberal spends their day looking for posts to snitch on to the Gestapo. The Gestapo blocks conservative posters at the drop of the hat, yet Black Lives Matters and Antifa posts abound.

So I’m calling on all Conservatives to fight fire with fire. Every time you see a photo comparing Trump to Hitler, incite violence against Trump Voters or Republicans – click the photo, click the links in the top right corner, and report the photo to the Facebook Gestapo as being violent.

After all, why should the Gestapo be spending all of their time blocking Conservatives ratted on by Liberals? Fair is Fair! They all have their favorite Conservative to stalk and constantly Rat out – its time each of us adopt a favorite Liberal – and make their lives as miserable as they make ours.

Vbulletin Connect 5 Installed with a year of hosting Internet

I have three perpetual licenses of Vbulletin Connect 5.0, but now only use one. As such I’m selling the transfer on my license in the other two. I will sell/transfer (all 100% legit and legal) a license, install it on my fast server, transfer to you and your site, set up your forums, Create your logo into a graphic, set up the look and feel you want and provide you with a year of hosting for $499. $200 a year thereafter. Always available hourly should you wish more customization.

Vbulletin will only install, upgrade and run only on fast servers that do not limit your resources. I twice made the mistake (2001 and again in 2018) tried on a shared server (the last Go Daddy) – and the frustration was unbearable.

My remaining Active Vbulletin site is – if you’re interested in what a Vbulletin site looks like. Perfect for:

  • Car Clubs
  • Youth Groups
  • Sports Teams
  • Religious Organizations
  • Sales and Support Boards
  • Gaming Boards
  • Artists & Musicians
  • Cities, Towns, neighborhoods
  • Hobbyists
  • Country Clubs
  • Just about anything with a membership or group of followers

davetheoldhippie @

Free Classified Ads at

Desktop and Tablet Version

Starting to list 31 cars, trucks, motorcycles and 3+ containers of parts, before I move the rest of the stuff in the old shop next Wednesday. I listed over 100 items today, and figure I’ll have about 10,000 to list before its all done. I’ll try to list a couple 100 a week until done. Check weekly.

Mostly Mopar stuff.

Feel free to list anything you’re selling there. Its free because the more stuff listed, the more browsers Google brings – so what’s free to everyone is also good for me.

Smart Phone Version

MediaWiki Installed

If you’ve ever visited Wikipedia, the software that runs it is MediaWiki. The below paragraph is from their web site

The MediaWiki software is used by tens of thousands of websites and thousands of companies and organizations. It powers Wikipedia and also this website. MediaWiki helps you collect and organize knowledge and make it available to people. It’s powerful, multilingual, free and open, extensible, customizable, reliable, and free of charge.

So while it is free and free to use, it takes some pretty strong knowledge of installing and configuration to properly install. Once installed and configured, it is more complicated than most applications to create a unique to you look & feel and to administer the advance features (because it is so powerful), but there are many good books on learning that. Properly installed, configured, it is very easy for the users/contributors to use.

There are many uses MediaWiki

  • Encyclopedia
  • Family Ancestry
  • Collection and organization of data
  • Service/Support Infobase
  • Business information Database…

An example is MoparWiki at – which is collection of any all information on anything Mopar.

I own a very fast and underutilized web server, which I host my sites (such as this Classified ad web site) and a few select other sites with rational webmasters. If you are looking for a Wiki I can provide you with basic hosting (can be upgraded if your needs require) for a year and install Mediawiki with basic configuration for a flat $250. Annual basic hosting (more than most need) is a flat $199 a year thereafter. The account is backed up nightly automatically – with multiple copies (dates backed up) retained.

At this point you have a workable Wiki that you can use right away if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and install the useful addons and create templates for your redundant tasks. If on the other hand you have enough to do and rather have an expert do that for you – I can do as little or as much as you want at an hourly rate.

If you’re interested in having a Wiki site, email me with what you have in mind and your contact information.